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That SouRin art inspired me to write a fic~ Thanks for the idea! /runsaway

No problem~! Oh and please don’t runaway…. I…. I want to read it…. _(:3

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doodled Uta ♥ ♥ ♥going to make a proper drawing of him someday

doodled Uta ♥ ♥ ♥
going to make a proper drawing of him someday

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911 emergency

[Also uploaded on Pixiv and deviantART]

THOSE WALLPAPERS ARE GORGEOUS, HACHI. Thank you for posting!! ;u;)/

radioactivesamurai Thank you Kriselleeee! <3 yours too! It feels so relaxing! ;A;) <3

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I always use both laptops so I hope posting two is okay! 

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It’s okay if you don’t feel like doing this! ;w;)/

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Too cute for everyone 

Too cute for everyone 

A WIP from a week ago. I’ll try to upload the finished version soon! 

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Long time no fanart!

"Cluttered Mind on a Gloomy Day"


Hello. Today I went to the doctor and have been told that I am in need of surgery(sorry i cannot disclose what kind, it is too sensitive). Due to financial issues I am opening commission slots to help cut my surgery and medicine costs.

Simple Style (slots available: 2)

- Price: $30~$40 

- Note: half body(torso or until knees) or full body 

- Additional character: +$30

Full-Illust Style (slots available: 1)

- Price: $50~$65

- Maximum of 1 character

- Note: The price will depend on how detailed your request is.

Doodle Style (slots available: 3) 

- Price: $10~$20

- Additional character: +$15

- Note: The price will depend on how detailed your request is.

Commission Info:

Only for personal commissions. 

- Originals and fanarts are okay.

- Payments via PayPal only. USD.

- No mecha. No R-18. If I cannot draw the specified character, please give me the right to reject your request.

- If original character, please provide their info, like physical attributes, attitudes, likes and others. You may give me reference pics too.

- A4 300dpi version will be given to you. Note that I am given the right to post a small version of your commissioned piece.

- I will discuss breakdown of payment process in mails. First come first served. 

- You may give me references(patterns, poses, designs etc) if you want.

- For inquiries and questions, you may leave an ask. To commission, email me at yeehun019☆gmail.com. 

My surgery schedule has not been decided yet, but my doc said it might take me 1 week to 2 months to recover. If I am not able to finish your commission before my surgery, please give me a bit time to be physically able to finish it. I hope for your understanding.

If anyone is interested, I am opening slots for my linearts. These will be done during my recovery period. It will be the most i can do during recovery period since i can draw them while lying down. email me if interested.

Sorry about the prices I know they are a bit high. I have other stuff to pay for, so I really need help this time. Thank you very very very much.. 

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