A HaruMako fanart I did sometime last year. Quite surprised to find this since I don’t remember making it, lol. ;;

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Another bunny boy since Easter is just around the corner. 

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ハチ (H9364) on Twitter

Twitter (again since I deleted my old one because reasons). (; u ;) 





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Doodled at the office while waiting for some works to be assigned. 

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Some drawings I did for the past 3 months.

1.) Who just doesn’t love Frozen?? ;A; I’ve watched it for the nth time already last January and I’m still willing to watch it again!

2.) I actually posted this late on Instagram but I drew it just after this new character was announced for Tales of Zestiria. His name is Mikulio/Mikurio and he’s such a precious babu uuuu. ;A;)))

3.) An illustration of Yuzuru Hanyu. I kind of destroyed it when I finally painted it so I’m quite disappointed whenever I see this picture. :< nonetheless, I really loved working on it! Hopefully I can re-draw and just paint it digitally someday. 

4.) A watercolor attempt. 

5.) A random girl I thought of drawing since my current project consists of a lot of girls so I’ve practiced a lot and hoping I can draw a proper girl soon (LOL). All of them always end up looking like traps—-not that I don’t like that.

Short blog + another tagged post

My internship started yesterday and I must say I really enjoyed every minute of it—-well except for the last 30 minutes of doing nothing before going home since I was already done with the work my immediate supervisor told me to do. I couldn’t do anything else since everyone’s already out (most of them had to leave by 5-6pm while my shift’s up to 7pm). Nonetheless, I enjoyed being an all-around intern yesterday. I was originally designated to their graphic arts/events department but my supervisor let me do other works as well while I wait for some designing work.

As for part-time jobs, I’m looking for another one not related to illustration or multimedia. My summer will be kind of long since classes won’t start until July (classes here usually starts at June) so I need to be busy before thesis year starts or I’ll just get lazy the rest of the year. ;;

On another note, I got tagged by my long lost sister gyozapigsuperman!

1.) What do you see yourself doing in 5 years time?
- Still trying to improve what I think needs to be improved—-and there’s a lot. Haha ;;

2.) Did you do something outside your comfort zone, and glad you did it? Care to share about it?
- Yes! I sang solo in a karaoke contest in front of A LOT of people last year and glad to finally get rid of that in my bucket list! I’ve always wanted to sing in front of people but never had the courage to do it until that one special night! 

3.) If there was one thing you can eat your entire life, what would it be?
- S A L M O N.

4.) What part of your life would you like to reset and re-do, if possible?
- During ages 10-12. I feel like I should’ve done something during those ages that could’ve helped me change what I am now. 

5.) Do you think facebook addiction is anything like coffee addiction?
- Absolutely not? But I don’t know. The last time I was addicted to Facebook was when Pet Society was at it’s peak. :/ but it was never on the same level as my coffee addiction being the insomniac as I am, LOL. ;;

6.) Do you like Asian boys?
- Y-yes?

7.) Everyone has one: your thinspiration. Who is it and why?
- I have a LOT. D: I always feel the need of being thin when I browse Japanese fashion magazines like Popteen, ViVi, Seventeen and the like. 

8.) one “What If” thought you have had recently?
- “What if my lifelong dream won’t come true as I thought it would, is there still a purpose for me to keep on living?” quite dramatic but I’ve always thought and believed people have purposes in their lives and when things get miserable and the only dream they had believed in to keep on living already seems vague, I often tell myself “What purpose do I have now?”. But I still try to be positive and I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities to call my “purpose”.

9.) If you could be fluent in another language besides your mother tongue, what would it be?
- CAN IT BE TWO? D: Japanese and German!!

10.) Ever tried anything from youtube and it failed on your miserably? What was it and what happened?
- Nothing really? D: I just upload cover songs and speedpaint processes and even if it failed, I won’t really be in misery? D: 

11.) Do you love me? (lol im out of questions eek.)
- OF COURSE?????????????? LOL.

I won’t be re-posting or tagging anyone, sorry! :(

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random art university boy

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